Raj Pandya, MD

Raj Pandya MD

Board Certified Physician

Raj Pandya is a board-certified primary care physician at Preferred Medical Center in Midland, Texas. He is dedicated to providing people with quality medical care at affordable prices. 

Dr. Pandya has been practicing internal medicine at Preferred Medical Center since 2001. Before moving to Midland, he completed his Internal Medicine residency at United Health Services Hospitals affiliated with State University (SUNY) in Upstate, New York.

Dr. Pandya has extensive experience in the field of medicine. He provides primary medical care and urgent medical care in one setting at primary care prices. Urgent care prices are higher. 

Most primary care physicians provide care on a scheduled basis, and the system has little provision for sickness and unscheduled visits. Patients may have to wait for days to get an appointment with primary doctors, and patients may have to go to urgent care and see another provider, which causes fragmented care.

Most urgent care centers are staffed by physician assistants or nurse practitioners, who work in rotating shifts causing further fragmented care. 

Dr. Pandya cares for patients and their health. He allows walk-in appointments for patients who don’t have time to schedule an appointment or want to go through the hassle of scheduling appointments.  

The clinic provides continuity of care appointments to patients who need periodic checkups or treatment for chronic conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, or thyroid.

Please ask yourself if you need a primary care doctor who is personable and can see you when you get sick. Preferred Medical Center services are unique in the Permian Basin.